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Buying in Person vs. the Internet

As expert diamond cutters we know the value of buying diamonds in person. There is no substitute for buying a diamond in person. That is why David Levy's diamonds & jewelry collections are available only at authorized Retail Jewelers.

A trained gemologist can educate you & advise you like no website can.

If you are shopping for a diamond, you need more than a GIA Grading Report to determine the better diamond. You need the expert advice from a Gemologist to explain why one diamond is better than another, why one diamond is cut better or why one diamond might have fewer inclusions, even though it has the same Clarity grade on the GIA report as another diamond.

If you are shopping for jewelry, wouldn't it make sense to see the workmanship of the jewelry in person or if it feels comfortable on you? And of course if you are custom-designing a piece of jewelry, wouldn't it be wise to design it in person rather than over the internet?

Our retail partners are carefully selected to be providers known for the exceptional quality & service they provide their customers. Some have served their communities for several decades.

There is nothing better than seeing and feeling the beauty of a diamond in person.

If you live in the New York City area you can schedule an appointment to visit our showroom and see the beautiful diamonds and jewelry in person.

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