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Third generation diamond and jewelry manufacturer, unites classic elements with a modern conception of design in every single creation.

David Levy The diamond business is all about relationships. Our relationships in the industry have been formed over 60 years and are backed by values that have been passed down through three generations.

A third generation jeweler, David Levy has an unrivaled dedication to perfection in all aspects of diamond manufacturing and jewelry design. After working in a family jewelry manufacturing business for many years, David established David Levy Diamonds and Fine Jewels, Inc. in 2000. His mission is to deliver on his commitment to matching diamonds perfectly in every piece of fine jewelry he creates.

David's dedication to perfection in manufacturing combined with his unparallel dedication to personal service and building relationships make him a true matchmaker. Whether a customer is interested in finding a spectacular pair of diamond studs, a three-stone engagement ring, an eternity wedding band or a diamond line bracelet, David Levy creates the perfect look every time. Read more about David's niche for perfectly matching diamonds.

Whether reinterpreting past motifs or creating totally new designs, our trademark taste and inspiration are always unmistakable. Some of the best craftsmen in the industry, true heirs to the skills that made Renaissance "workshops" famous, give each diamond or jewel the curve and unmistakable harmony which make them a pleasure to both wear and admire. Absolute perfection down to the very last detail means that there is a total balance between the creative idea and its realization. Please read more about the manufacturing of diamonds and jewelry in our Workshop section.

We specialize in better quality and fine cut diamonds. We buy rough diamonds & our skilled diamond cutters cut & polish them to exact specifications. All the diamonds we sell are "Conflict-free".

Our goal for this website is to educate you and help you in this world of unknowns. For our consumers we have created a special information section. Please visit to learn about buying diamonds and diamond jewelry.

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