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Jewelry Manufacturing

With an eye for detail

David Levyís family have designed and crafted the beautiful diamonds and jewelry for 3 generations. A lot had changed in the world since 1954 when Davidís grandfather came to the United States and established his company. A lot of things that is, except the love and attention that is bestowed on each and every diamond and jewelry created.

Computers and Metal

The old and the new go hand in hand. The purest form of Platinum jewelry is crafted by renowned jewelers to produce jewelry of exceptional beauty. The mixture of skilled craftsmen and technology takes over to ensure a perfect, consistent product that is prized by jewelry connoisseurs and the fashionably dressed woman-about-town the world over.

The Ring

The stones are meticulously selected. The style determined. Band, baskets and prong details are determined. The pieces are polished and soldered, stones are set and voila, the best ring you ever owned. What you donít see are the additional steps painstakingly lavished in the creation of a ring. From the meticulous selection of the diamonds, to the polishing of the individual parts of the ring or the setter making the beads for the Pave` setting, there are many hidden assets that make a David Levy ring a work of art.

Sketch: The first step is to sketch the design.
Carve Wax: The model-maker carves the wax.
Cutting Mold: A silicone mold is cut from the model. This allows us to produce many duplicates of the same ring.
Pave Setting: The setter begins to Pave` set the diamonds.
Solder Cufflinks: The back is soldered to a cufflink.
Polishing: A necklace being polished.

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