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David Levy's Commitment to the Perfect Match

David Levy David's dedication to perfection in manufacturing combined with his unparallel dedication to personal service and building relationships make him a true matchmaker. Whether a customer is interested in finding a spectacular pair of diamond studs, a three-stone ring, an eternity band or a diamond line bracelet, David Levy creates the perfect look every time. He uses a painstaking process that he developed and refined in his own factory in New York.

David Levy has developed a niche within the vast diamond and jewelry industry as a result of his specialized expertise in matching diamonds. His methods are applied to every single beautifully cut diamond, as well as to his extensive collection of classic jewelry. The Truly Perfect by David Levy Collection was born out of David's desire to bring his exceptionally matched diamonds to the awareness of the consumer. Each ring manufactured by David Levy takes hours and hours of work to assemble. David Levy is one of the only jewelry manufacturers who take the time necessary to ensure the diamonds in his jewelry perfectly match.

"I could not tolerate selling beautiful jewelry without the absolute certainty that the diamonds match perfectly," says Levy. "I first started matching diamonds in 1990 while working with my father at his jewelry manufacturing company. I soon realized that the side stones supplied for our three-stone rings were poorly matched. I became frustrated with the so-called "pairs" our overseas suppliers were sending to us. I could not in good conscience sell a piece of jewelry to my customers unless it looked perfect. I decided to come up with a solution of my own."

The only way to ensure perfectly matched diamonds was to match them himself. He set out to hire talent who shared his philosophy and were willing to undertake the challenge. It was a difficult task, but he was determined to make his dream a reality. This was the beginning of the creation of the painstaking process he now uses to create perfectly matched diamonds.

Most diamond companies do not go through the rigorous process necessary to match diamonds that is demanded by David Levy. For them, it is easier to convince an inexperienced consumer to purchase substandard merchandise that is available without putting forth the effort and additional cost required to achieve perfection. Fortunately, there is someone who cares and appreciates what a difference matched diamonds make. You will be proud to wear your David Levy diamond jewelry for a lifetime!

Matching diamonds with meticulous precision is David Levy's specialty, and the business to which he is most dedicated. In fact, it is why he has become known in the industry as 'the diamond matchmaker'.

The same high standard of quality and perfection that David Levy adheres to for his diamonds is also upheld during the manufacturing process of his jewelry. David Levy jewelry is manufactured by some of the most skilled artisans in the industry. Their pride in their workmanship and their dedication to adhering to the highest standard of craftsmanship is unparalleled. A perfect frame to showcase your perfect diamonds!

Please read more about the manufacturing of diamonds and jewelry in our Workshop section.

Whether you are searching for a beautiful piece of jewelry with two perfectly matched diamonds or fifty, David Levy is the unparalleled matchmaker for you. This diamond matchmaker makes a perfect match every time.

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